One customer reports,

“I have worked with Hemi-Sync tapes since the mid-eighties and have benefited in a number of ways. I have successfully controlled stress and flare-ups of hypertension so successfully that I have been taken off medication to control blood pressure. In a recent cardiac stress test, the attending nurse, who knows I use Hemi-Sync verbal commands, scolded me, Stop controlling your heart beat! We need to get it up to target faster!”

The following information has been reported by individuals and by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync in certain applications: (From the Hemi-Sync Toolkit publication series of The Monroe Institute )

“My father had been able to sleep only with the aid of pills for the last several years. One evening, he listened to Sound Sleeper and never returned from his bedroom to watch the TV program he had wanted to see. He was fast asleep. He listened to it the next night, again sleeping. Since then he’s slept even without listening to the tape.”

A retired Naval officer states, “Perhaps we get sick because we don’t know how to stay well. My focus has been on seeking ways to stay well, and The Monroe Institute tapes have been a big part of my efforts. The HUMAN PLUS tapes work for me as a direct mind-to-body experience. Initially I used one or two tapes every day, but now I listen when I feel the need. The tapes are a support mechanism, playing a dominant training role in the beginning and less frequent, but more important refresher role when one becomes familiar with the techniques. They play a significant part in my overall well-being.”

“After our hectic daily schedules at work and school, my husband and I listen to either Surf or Into the Deep while making dinner. This helps us to unwind from the stress of the day, and encourages a smooth transition into a peaceful evening.”

“I can not tell you what it means to me to be able to go inside with the help of the cassettes and slowly find my way. I am learning more about balance. Huge bags of anger, revenge, hatred and resentments are slowly letting go. I am no longer afraid of getting stuck in a slow, downward spiral. All of this has happened in such a short while of using Hemi-Sync tapes – from no hope to hope. Each day I am taking forward steps, while before the tapes I had given up.”

“Changes seem to be subtle and tend to come in waves since I have been listening to Hemi-Sync. I have noticed more emotional spontaneity. What I seem to be going through is a peeling away of encrusted patterns, some of which require that I view myself with a level of objectivity I haven’t had before.

“Since 1981 I have been using Hemi-Sync with young children who experience sensory motor and sensory integrative disabilities. Both clinical experience and preliminary research indicated that the addition of Hemi-Sync signals (containing frequencies which produce more theta patterns in the brain) to background music increases the child’s focus of attention, calms the emotions, and creates a mental set of open receptivity. Hemi-Sync is an excellent example of the sensory integrative process of the brain. The tendency toward synchronization of the right and left hemispheres appears to enhance attention, sensory and extrasensory awareness, and intuitive processing and to increase successful adaptation to personal experiences.”

“For help with study habits, concentration and test anxiety, two especially helpful tapes are Imprint and Think Fast. I use imprint to retain information the first time I read it. Think Fast is great as an all-around tonic for creative thinking and reading comprehension, and has provided a positive panacea for the mental slowdown I experienced after turning forty.”

“I was back home 48 hours after surgery (three days early!), active and energetic. I’d needed no pain medications, slept wonderfully, and was up and around as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Within a month, I was back to full activity with the scar as the only physical reminder.”