Welcome to a comprehensive online resource for the most powerful self-help/motivational tapes & CDs available in the market! Blended for an array of different health applications, this method also promotes relaxation and increased concentration with soothing musical titles. Explore and learn how the Hemi-Sync® process balances brainwaves using non-intrusive, carefully mixed sounds.

One of the most popular Hemi-Sync series for relaxation, meditation, sleep and general listening pleasure, are nonverbal musical compositions blended with Hemi-Sync®. Create soothing, peaceful mental imagery while layered New Age scores and rich instrumentals set a serene soundscape. A free music sample is playable from each Metamusic product page.

To make selecting hemi sync single or multiple tapes or CDs easier, select titles from an extensive assortment, or for quick one stop shopping, take a brief tour of each product. Ultimately, you choose the title that addresses your first concern whether it be insufficient sleep, relaxation, study habits, learning or other applications.

Opening The Heart™
Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul-fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love.Complete set of Gateway Experience – In-Home Training Series evolved directly from The Monroe Institute’s world renowned Gateway Voyage, a six-day life enhancing program held at TMI. This series is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness.

Hemi-Sync: A Patented And Proven Audio Technology
The audio process blended in every Hemi-Sync tape or CD triggers specific naturally occurring brain frequency changes with multi-layered patterns of sounds.

Over 175 titles. Providing excellent background information for Hemi-Sync and the Monroe materials, just a quick browse through this list could trigger your interest in a variety of scientific and spiritual subjects. See examples below.

Hemi-Sync in action – poignant personal accounts, objective professional reports, and understandable explanations of the hemi sync effect for surgery, in education, mental and physical well-being,..and much more.

An illuminating biography of Robert Monroe, the iconoclast and pioneer who sparked a sub-industry in the mind expansion field.