Buying Guide

A Quick Introduction To Hemi-Sync’s Applications
The Hemi-Sync process has evolved into a sophisticated multi-layering of Hemi-Sync signals—”designer mixes” of sound frequencies, fashioned to be optimally effective for a given application. Naturally, Hemi-Sync sleep products incorporate predominately delta frequencies; learning products predominately beta and so forth. However, these designer mixes are supplemented with special sound frequencies which enable the desired result. This is the “key” to the effectiveness of Hemi-Sync.

Tips For Starting Your Own Collection
Researchers and practitioners usually use two or more titles with their test groups to develop their own programs of listening. When selecting Hemi-Sync titles for the first time, we recommend purchasing at least three or four tapes or cds to have some variety and room for exploration. It is also a good idea to select a few non-verbal titles when starting your own Hemi-Sync collection.

Where Do I Start?
To simplify your search for a single tape or CD, or group of Hemi-Sync titles, select an application which best summarizes your situation, and then scroll through our selection of titles.
 For further assistance in selecting the right Hemi-Sync® title(s) for you, with your inquiry.

Want to Take Hemi-Sync Further?
Ongoing Hemi-Sync research has resulted in the development of scores of individual products for specific applications such as focused attention, stress reduction, meditation, sleep enhancement, and pain control, to name a few. Other Hemi-Sync products are now available as a series (some of which are progressive in nature) such as the for exploring states of consciousness.

Numerous products exist today to facilitate beneficial brainwave activity and enhance overall well being. However Hemi-Sync has been developed over the longest time period, undergoing research and development for nearly 40 years. Here are two important articles on Hemi-Sync: